“the way we have been playing we don’t deserve to go through”

Waqar himself should explain what has been his contribution? He has not been able to produce any genuine pace bowlers who can show consistency. But somehow we will still look for scapegoats and shout about Afridi and Co. We did the same with Wasim, Inzi, Misbah and Younis.

Why Waqar / Afridi combo didn’t send Malik or Sarfaraz at 3? Who is this Latif chap to be at one down position on such a crucial junction? Did the management utilize the resources in the best possible way? For number of years, we send our best batsmen at 4, 5 and 6. First 3 have always been walking wickets.

Superb start was provided by Sharjeel, first 6 overs 61 but next 6 overs 32 and then completely derailed. In a T20 match where you are chasing 180, it’s categorically impossible to think that someone would bat like the way Ahmed Shehzad batted. This is exactly what happens when you keep giving players like Ahmed Shehzad too many opportunities and Akmal on the other hand.  It’s T20, Shehzad, not ODI!!!

Akmal wanted to play up in order but for this? no boundary in last 31 balls. That was worst performance by Akmal and Malik.

PSL has started but it will take some time to harvest its crops but PCB should consider Mohsin Khan back as a permanent coach.

With Pakistan mediocre batting lineup Hafeez injury will be more damaging.

Hafeez is a good player of spin bowling and his injury is a mighty blow for Pakistan team in today’s match vs. NZ.  Moreover, Mohali used to be a seam friendly pitch in past but now it is more spin paradise as seen recently so injury of Wahab Riaz will not make any difference to Pakistan team. In addition to Imad Wasim they should consider bringing Muhammad Nawaz in to replace M. Sami. Chances are very thin for this demoralized team to win against a super fit team. But if Pakistan won this match then it will be quite interesting situation for India and Australia.

Looking forward to a challenging contest between Amir and NZ top order!

Project Management Leadership and Skills: Planning and Control



Project management includes activities that project managers engage in to ensure the project goals and objectives are achieved. The major tasks project manager executes include project leadership, team building, and team motivation to facilitate the achievement of the project success. Leadership in project management includes the actions that project leaders take to inspire and motivate the project team towards the desired project goals. Project leaders may use different leadership models in promoting project success including autocratic, democratic, laissez-fare, bureaucratic, charismatic and transformative leadership models. Effective team building is also vital in project management. Therefore, project managers should focus on building effective teams, promoting the spirit of teamwork among the team members, ensuring that the team members remain inspired and motivated towards achieving the project goals by utilizing different motivation models including Maslow’s Theory of Needs, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, McGregor’s Theory of X and Y, and David McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory.


         Leadership refers to the actions involved in leading and influencing people within organization towards the desired organizational goals. Utilizing effective management styles plays a vital role in ensuring project success, through establishing and maintaining motivated teams. Project managers can utilize different leadership styles including including autocratic, democratic, laissez-fare, bureaucratic, charismatic and transformative leadership among others. However, the transformational leadership style considered the most appropriate leadership style since it involves managers inspiring and motivating members of the team.

         Project success involves effective team building and embracing teamwork. Team building forms a critical aspect in promoting project success, whereby the effectiveness of the team members is key to the achievement of project success. Effective project managers ensure that they select and utilize competent teams to ensure successful projects. Further, motivation remains a key aspect in ensuring that the teams remain motivated in working towards the overall project goals. Project managers utilize different motivation approaches to ensure that their teams remain motivated, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, Hertzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory, McGregor’s theory of X and Y and David McClelland’s achievement motivation theory among others. This report explores the concept of leadership and team building in project management, applying key theoretical models to demonstrate ways in which project managers can ensure project success by utilizing effective leadership styles and maintaining motivated teams.Continue reading