Scam Of The Week: FTC Refund Phishing Fraud

There is a new Scam Of The Week where bad guys have taken an actual past scam that the Federal Trade Commission has resolved and is now refunding money on. Bad guys take these FTC cases by just go to the FTC website to get ideas and create a phishing attack out of them and start sending them to millions of people.


Here is the rule: If you receive any emails from an official-sounding organization that promises you a refund for any amount, be very careful and never click on any links or open any attachment you did not ask for. Delete the email.


When you are really expecting an FTC refund, go to their website yourself using your own shortcut, or by typing the address in your browser, or Cut & Paste this URL: (this link may be redirected, do not click on the link)


Remember: Think Before Your Click!


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